• I have traded the system in the last 12 months and averaged about 18% return so I am extremely happy. I even traded whilst on a 2 month cycling trip.
    I am also very grateful to their commitment to giving updates and constantly monitoring the system for either improving returns or reducing risk. Right Quote
    Dave Barnett,
  • Just to add to the success, I also trade the DAX. Since mid June my account now stands at over £5000 profit. Can't complain. Great little system.
    Keep up the good work Right Quote
  • As I mentioned in our telephone conversation yesterday, I managed to get 2% on my balance last month, which equates to more than £8,000 so, as you can imagine, I'm loving your system! Right Quote
  • I found the content straightforward and easy to understand. I can only say that if anyone follows the rules as taught on the course they cannot fail to make decent profits. I am currently making around 24% p.a. which I am more than happy with.
    As far as I am concerned this is the best value trading system around and should last users a lifetime. Right Quote
    Alan Piggott,
  • I aim for 2% monthly on both Interactive and GFT and am trading the original system on both, I'm around 14 months away from having 6 figures in the market so all is good. The kids even have a 5 figure account, so maybe they'll have more options in their future than I had. Once again Paul, many thanks. Sometimes it's easy to take PIE for granted. Right Quote
  • Without a doubt your "PIE" system is the best trading method I have ever come across in all my years of trading. It is the one true system that actually works and makes me money. My day spent with you both back in April was and will continue to be life changing for me and my wife. I am up nearly 7% on my £10k bank and expect to be over 10% within the next month. Right Quote
  • I have made my money back from the course and it's been stress free trading up until now! Really enjoying it. Right Quote
  • Having now personally met both Paul and Glynn who run the P.I.E course I can categorically say that these two gentlemen are completely above board, honest and true to their word.

    In today's hard business world where it is so easy to be ripped off by smooth talking con men, it is rare to find then that there are actually decent individuals like Paul and Glynn who are at the extreme other end of that spectrum! I can happily endorse their complete integrity and wish them all the best. Right Quote
  • I would just like to thank you guys again as I believe since I've been using the system I've made at least 10% which is more then three times the building society rate.

    Thanks a lot. Right Quote
  • I would like to thank you for giving me the possibility of changing my life thanks to the PIE strategy Right Quote
  • As they state, this is not a get rich quick scheme, but away producing a healthy income on invested capital over what I can see should be many, many years.
    Right Quote
  • It's Chris here from Jersey (I attended your course back on 7th August 2012). I wanted to take the time to say a huge thank you for the ongoing support and updates on the PIE variations following the course back in 2012. Right Quote
  • Including today's close my live portfolio has risen by 9.81% in 4 months. Thanks for your help. Right Quote
  • I attended the course back in May 2013 and have to say that on all of the courses I have attended I have not met anyone as knowledgeable, professional, genuine, honest and friendly as Paul & Glynn.

    I am an extremely risk averse accountant that likes to question everything about everything and what Glynn teaches is flawless. My biggest concern with any system is how it handles a Black Swan / Market Crash event. The way this is covered in the course is amazing to follow and left out of just about every other system I have come across.

    I have traded the system in the last 12 months and averaged about 18% return. I even traded whilst on a 2 month cycling trip.

    I am also very grateful to their commitment to giving updates and constantly monitoring the system for either improving returns or reducing risk.

    I have spent many many hours trying to find any other method / concept of investing that comes even close to this and have every time come back to the fact of how amazing the system is.

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Paul & Glynn. Right Quote
  • I thought I would write to you to let you know firstly how much I appreciated the course in Rotherham, and secondly the help and encouragement which has been shown to me by yourselves since then.

    I know that setting up a business such as this greatly benefits from referrals, so please feel free to use this as you see fit.

    My nightmare journey down to Rotherham through all the blizzards last month proved to have been well worth while. In the company of some very interesting fellow students from a wide variety of occupations I was introduced to a new and exciting trading strategy which will effectively secure my financial future. It offers a simple yet highly effective way of generating returns miles ahead of the paltry ones currently available.

    In a very competitive market full of get rich quick merchants, and "teachers" of very dubious quality who are only interested in divesting the student of as much money as possible it came as a very pleasant surprise to encounter two lads who are fundamentally decent people , and who have put together a genuine opportunity for those seeking a better financial future.

    Your course was well thought through, and simple to follow along with the comprehensive manuals which set everything out clearly. I have been particularly impressed by the level of assistance and advice on offer since the course I look forward to building on my experience with Glynn and Paul who are always available when required. A tremendous help for a rookie.

    Finally, to any doubters out there, here's a thought. It's easy to dismiss an opportunity like this. But consider this: These guys will seriously change your lives. Don't waste any time. Go for it.

    Well done to you both. You have my gratitude and respect, and here's to all our futures. Right Quote
    C Smith,
  • I gave up my career as an accountant in the City back in 2000 in order to persue my own dream of becoming financially independent and free of all the chains that being a member of the rat race entails. My aim was geared towards replacing my salary with a regular and consistent method. Since then, I have tried innumerable systems that for the most part just did not work. There were few successes along the way and when a system worked it was only temporary. After a while I decided that I would not chase subjective schemes and concentrate on systems that made mathematical sense.

    Such a system is the PIE method. Quite simply, it works. I had considered the use of options for many years, but like most people, thought they were too complex to bother getting into. The PIE course exploded that myth and, to me at least, it all made rather obvious sense, although the nuances I hadn't expected were fascinating. So far I have been very pleased with the results, averaging around 1.5% per month. In the current market conditions this is not bad at all. All in all, I would whole heartedly recommend the PIE course. You have the skill for life and the back-up from Glynn has been unwavering. Right Quote